Watch this adrenaline rushing video as a father and his son on quads come up with an elaborate plan to escape from cops while they are pinned down and surrounded in the woods!

WARNING: FNF Does not condone or allow illegal actions. Do not attempt to do this. This video serves to warn of the repercussions of fleeing from police.

Wow, this is one of the best videos I’ve ever bought. It was really funny, heart pounding, and overall amazing. I was glad to take the chance to edit it, and even though I will be putting it in my next police chase compilation I just had to make it a video on it’s own. The coolest part isn’t the running from the cops, since I’ve seen much better police chases where the car is literally side by side with the quad or bike. No, the best part is the teamwork between the two quad riders and the brazen-ness of the guy on the TRX450r. He really helped his son on the slower quad escape.