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Amazing police chase!! Father and son on quads escape from cops!

Watch this adrenaline rushing video as a father and his son on quads come up with an elaborate plan to escape from cops while they are pinned down and surrounded in the woods!

WARNING: FNF Does not condone or allow illegal actions. Do not attempt to do this. This video serves to warn of the repercussions of fleeing from police.

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Best Police Dirtbike/ATV Chases #5 – FNF

Warning: FNF does not condone or promote illegal actions. This is an educational video to show the dangers of fleeing from police.

It’s finally here! This one’s a bit shorter than normal, but the clips are really good! I hope you guys enjoy – just got a few more partners who will be sending in lots of clips, so there will be more of these to come soon!

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Motorcycle Police Chases Compilation #2 (15 minutes of police chases!)

These activities are unsafe, illegal, and dangerous. Do not attempt to recreate. We do not condone these activities at FNF.

That being said, these bikers own the cops in the second episode of “Motorcycle Police Chases Compilation”.
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Best Police Dirtbike Chases Compilation – FNF

The best high definition police dirtbike chases that are available on the internet. All of them are new, little before seen, and are all high quality. No crappy cellphone recordings or 240p here!

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I finally got permission to reupload this video. If you have not gotten the chance to see this one yet, please check it out as before it was removed it had 800,000 views with 3k likes and less than 100 dislikes. Very high rated video. Unfortunately I had to remove one “problem clip” which wasn’t really a problem… it was the clip with the “12 o clock boyz” in Baltimore, Maryland.